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Sample Heading

Sample Heading

They are trainings that usually take place in outdoor spaces, such as: hotels, resorts, parks, beaches, woods and wherever the imagination allows. Do not think that playing can not be serious, because that’s what we do with quality – SERIOUS PLAY! Ludo interventions are the way to act with the client to achieve the desired goal, but always with the focus and devolutive about the routine or problem presented.

What LUDICANDO has to offer in this segment:



Activities that contemplate the fundamentals of traditional games, symbolic games and cooperative games, involving specific themes contemplated in the training.

Treasure Hunt

treasure hunt

Interventions that seek aspects of the treasure hunt, going through the stages until they reach the final goal, being aided by the group.



Games that have slightly more complex rules and the attention of the group to the development and fulfillment of goals.

Cooperative Cooking

cooperative cooking

Bringing the knowledge of cooking to trainings, where people wake up the great chefs and great revelations take place.

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