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Sample Heading

Sample Heading

Board games use a flat surface and with pre-marked trails, drawings or spaces according to the rule involved in each specific moment. We use board games as a tool in training, where we can get a glimpse of human development and the aspects that involve it.

What LUDICANDO has to offer in this segment:

Business Soccer

Business Soccer

The Business Soccer is an innovative playful tool, because it ally content to the fun. The game uses soccer strategies to work on indispensable skills for a successful team, such as: Leadership, Innovation, Teamwork and Strategic Planning.

Organizational Babel

organizational babel

How is communication within your company? Are rumors, gossip and lack of collectivity harming the productivity of employees?
Many noises in communication can disrupt the performance of the organization as a whole! That’s why the Babel Organizational Training was designed to improve the corporate environment and increase cooperation and dialogue between teams.



In the current job market, the more selective the organization, the greater its need to hire talent. And if expectations are to be met and an exceptional employee is hired, it is necessary to have modern and effective tools to assist recruiters in identifying competent professionals in the labor market.

Integration And Competition

integration and competition

One of the biggest challenges in the corporate environment is making teams more integrated and productive. In this way, the game Integration and Competition was developed to transform processes of integration and reintegration, selective processes, technical and behavioral training in a moment of distraction, able to provide more effective results.

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